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  1. Payment

    1. Can I order cutting discs on your web site and pay upon picking up my order at the post office?
    2. How do I pay for my order?
    3. What payment cards do you accept?
    4. What should I do if my card number has 18 digits, not 16?
    5. Can I pay with an e-purse?
    6. How much do two blades cost?
    7. What does order rejected on my email mean?
  2. Online order

    1. How to place my order online?
    2. Where else can I buy your product?
  3. Delivery

    1. Why аrе orders shipped from a warehouse in Minsk?
    2. How will I know that my order has been shipped out?
    3. What countries do you ship to?
    4. How long does shipment take?
    5. How much is the shipping cost?
  4. Wholesale

    1. What should I do to become your dealer?
  5. Product details

    1. Are there speedcutter blades that are 230mm (9 inch.)?
    2. What will happen if the blade gets on a nail or a screw?
    3. Why is GRAFF Speedcutter safe?