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Payment and Delivery

The only payment method available on our web site is online payment.

Orders received and paid before 5 p.m. (UTC+03:00) are shipped out same day.

Orders confirmed and paid after 5 p.m. (UTC+03:00), as well as on weekend and national holidays are shipped out the next business day after 5 p.m. (UTC+03:00).

To place an online order, please follow these steps:

  1. Click “Buy now”.
  2. Add the number of discs you order.
  3. Please, fill in your contact information: first and last(family) name, delivery address, contact phone number, email address.
  4. The field “Your comment” can be used for any additional info or details you would like inform us about your order.
  5. Click “Proceed to Checkout” and make an online payment.
  6. After the order is confirmed and dispatched from our warehouse, a tracking number of the shipment will be sent to your email stated in the order form. The shipment delivery status can be checked on the following websites: Belpost official page.
  7. Worldwide shipping is free for up to 20 pieces per order. Bigger orders shipping cost is calculated individually.

Online payment with cards of VISA or MasterCard networks are secured by Assist payment gateway:

The payment is made online at the check out after order confirmation.

Our checkout page accepts international payment cards by Visa (all kinds), MasterCard (including Maestro) networks issued by any bank worldwide.

СVV2/CVC2 code is three digits code printed on the rear side of a bank card. It is usually located at the top right corner of a special signature stripe. The code is necessary to verify a card is used by its authorized owner.

Online e-payment with a bank card is processed directly by OOO «Electronic payment company “ASSIST” (Ltd.)” with the use of secure electronic payment gateway ASSIST software that has been internationally certified.

The service facilitating security of e-payments uses secured TLS protocol for transfer of encrypting sensitive information from the customer to the payment server and for further processing it in the service center. It means that private information of the cardholder (such as credit card numbers, credetials, etc.) is not kept in the online shop database, its processing is completely secured from third party access to personal and banking data of the customer. Besides, online payment is protected by 3D secure technology that is an obligatory requirement by VISA and MasterCard international payment networks.

Online e-payment instructions:
  1. After clicking “Buy now” the system will forward you to the e-payment gateway that secures online payments. Using a secure TLS protocol an authorized server connects to the customer to accept his bank card credentials (card number, valid through date, name of the cardholder as transcripted on the card and CVC2 or CVV2 numbers on the rear side of the card. E-payment with a customer’s bank card is absolutely confidential and safe.
  2. Your personal and bank card data is entered not on our website, but on a special authorization page of the payment gateway, accessable only by a secure data transfer protocol TLS. There are other secure e-payment technologies applied called Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureСode.
  3. For e-payment the following bank cards networks are acceptable: Visa International, MasterCard (including Maestro) of any grade and issued by any bank. We suggest contacting your bank for verification that your card is authorized for online e-payments.
Possible reasons of negative authorization:
  1. Funds are not sufficient to make online payment of the order.
  2. Issue bank of the customer’card denied online payments with it.
  3. The session of entering payment card credentials is outdated.
  4. Data entered on the check out page was not confirmed by the customer, data format error, etc.
Depending on the nature of transaction authorisation failure, you may act as follows:
  1. Contact the card issue bank for details of payment transaction processing.
  2. In case there is no way of resolving a problem with the bank, please try again using the payment card issued by another bank.

Shipping policy:

Orders are shipped by air mail to any destination address worldwide. Shipping cost is included into the price of the product. There are no extra charges applied upon picking up of an order from your local post office.

General information:

Business hours: 9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday – closed.
Placing an order online is available 24/7!

To place an order the following fields must be filled: email address, correct shipping details including a zip/post code, telephone number with an international area code.