Angle grinder blade for wood GRAFF Speedcutter 125 mm

Angle grinder blade for wood GRAFF Speedcutter 125 mm

Angle grinder blade for wood GRAFF Speedcutter 125 mm with feed limitation

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Graff Speedcutter is a three teeth woodworking disc specially designed for a high speed (up to 12 200 RPM ) angle grinder (flex).

  • Three tungsten carbide teeth ensure safe work with the blade by creating the acceptable value of radial resistance at high rotation rate;
  • Special anti-kickback design;
  • No overheating of the blade even during continuous work;
  • Smooth grooving with a clean cut is ensured by an unusual shape of the teeth;
  • Designed specially for working at high RPM rates (up to 12 200 RPM).

Intended use: Wood • Aerated concrete • Plasterboard • Plastic

  • Wood engraving, shaping, grinding and finish grinding, grooving, straight and cross-cutting any type of wood;
  • Cutting and grooving in aerated concrete blocks;
  • Cutting plywood, laminated flooring, parquet (hardwood), plasterboard, MDF(hardboard) and chipboard;
  • Universal wood graver (sculptor).

Is there an angle grinder blade for wood?

There is a woodworking disc especially designed for an angle grinder (flex). The unusual shape and only 3 teeth on the disc ensure safe work on a wide range of materials: wood, laminated flooring, parquet (hardwood),aerated concrete, plasterboard and plastic. If you are looking for a woodworking blade for an angle grinder (flex) – Speedcutter disc is what you need.

For many years people have been using circular saw blades with angle grinding machines (flexes) for working on wood, which is and has always been unsafe! The big number of teeth on the blade combined with a high RPM rate of an angle grinder often leads to cutting off fingers and other severe injuries!

Generally woodworking saw blades are intended to be used with circular or chainsaws that can break a budget of a person who does household work occasionally. On top of that saw blades have a rather limited application: only a woodcutting function. So slitting a 40 mm woodboard or cutting hardboard, chipboard and plywood without a machine saw used to be impossible. But recently there have appeared some new hybrid woodworking blades for angle grinders- a mixture of a cut-off blade and a chain saw. But using such blades may still be dangerous.

Graff engineers have studied this problem and created a woodworking blade specifically for an angle grinder with a right balance between safe and functional design.

The big number of teeth on circular saw blades creates additional dragging and resistance. When getting stuck in a small knot or nail, the blade is usually abruptly dragged aside making it hard to control the machine and almost impossible to keep it in your hands.

A woodworking Speedcutter Graff disc has only 3 teeth providing the acceptable value of radial resistance of the angle grinder at a high rotation rate.

One more advantage is the right blade diameter - 125 mm and 115 mm allowing easy multipurpose work on a variety of materials. So if you already have an angle grinder (flex) for cutting off and grinding metal, there is no need to buy another power tool! You just change a cut off wheel for metal to a woodworking Speedcutter blade and start working, as easy as that!

Speedcutter Graff disc has such an impressive number of possible applications!

  • It can be used for slitting and cross cutting of soft as well as hard kind of wood.
  • It can be applied for cutting off and cropping of laminated and parquet flooring, plywood, plasterboard and aerated concrete.
  • Tungsten carbide teeth stick out of the surface of the disc body to allow one more application of the blade- smooth grooving and rabbet cutting. Besides, cutting edge of three teeth has a specially designed round shape.


Angle grinder blade

Working materials

Wood, aerated concrete, plasterboard, plastic, plywood, laminated flooring, parquet (hardwood), plasterboard, MDF(hardboard) and chipboard.


5 inch (125mm)

Mounting bore

22.23 mm


3 mm

Maximum speed

12200 RPM