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Angle grinder blade for wood GRAFF Termit 125 mm

Angle grinder blade for wood GRAFF Termit 125 mm

Angle grinder blade with tungsten carbide grit for wood GRAFF Termit 125 mm

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  • An innovative solution is that the tungsten carbide grit protrudes beyond the plane of the disc body, making it possible to groove the wood
  • This disc is designed for working on wood and materials derived from it, laminate, plastic, etc
  • Clean and thin cut is provided thanks to the minimum kerf thickness 2,0 mm
  • Accurate and fast work with material is achieved due to the quality of tungsten carbide grit
  • This cutting blade is specially designed for working with wood of any breed and degree of hardness at high rotational speeds.


Angle grinder blade for wood

Working materials

Wood, plastic, laminated flooring, parquet (hardwood), plasterboard, MDF(hardboard) and chipboard


5 inch (125mm)

Mounting bore

22.23 mm


2 mm

Maximum speed

12200 RPM