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A. Fielder USA, 30.01.2021

This carving disc works great. It was also a great deal.

James Paul Drache USA, 20.01.2021

Nice cutter with no kick back. Start the grinder at full speed before cutting work.

Florian S. Canada, 13.11.2020

It is well made and operates as expected

Horace Dubstepper United Kingdom, 06.11.2020

This is a serious cutter and moves waste very efficiently. I am trying to use it for power carving and it takes some practice to get the right angle of attack. For just hogging wood it is great. It can catch and make a bit of a mess of the work piece so use with caution and PPE is vital.

Julian Clayton United Kingdom, 26.09.2020

I use this for generally cleaning up pre-sawn ends to my workpiece after it has been assembled. I follow up with a flap-wheel sanding disk. All in all it's generally a very useful quick saw for places I cannot reach with a circular saw.

W. Wylie United Kingdom, 10.09.2020

Used the blade to carve a channel in a log to use as a planter. Channel approx 18" x 6" x 5" deep. Blade carved log effortlessly. Very pleased with it.

Joe M Canada , 30.08.2020

Looks like a very substantial blade however I haven't had the time to use it yet. Excellent delivery time . I think this is going to be a very handy tool.

Rote Fuchs USA, 06.08.2020

Excellent tool that gets the job done well! One point of caution - be careful what you are cutting. I was cutting through a 2x4 and did not see the nail hidden inside. Before I realized it, the blade was damaged and no longer cuts. Before this happened I was very happy with the performance of this blade. Very smooth and easy to control.

Roadcyclist Canada, 11.05.2020

This blade will kick back if not careful. Worse on hardwoods. But it will take off a lot of material if wanted. And it will do fine work as well using it at a small approach angle..15 degrees or less. I shaped an eagles beak with this blade with slow smooth passes. Very happy with it and a very good price. One person found this helpful

Marco Waters United Kingdom, 07.04.2020

just bought the second one to double the speed of my brother ad I workshop. Absolutely great! A must-have tool in every DIY or carpentry wall!

Robert S. United States, 02.03.2020

This cutter is excellent. But word if warning, if you remove the guard as I had to it is very dangerous. Cuts fast and clean, wear eye protection. Easy to use but also easy to cause serious damage quick. Grip firmly to maintain control.

thomas j. brace United States, 10.02.2020

I did not know what to expect from this blade, to be honest. I had seen a few videos on what it could do to wood, but when I loaded an angle grinder with this blade and performed some tests, I was, in a word, amazed..! This blade is perfectly designed to remove the wood you don't want at an alarming rate, and care must be utilized, or you run the risk of removing more material than you plan to. A blade like this is ideal for carving out bowls - a project which I hope to undertake very soon. In any case, I highly recommend this blade for all artists who work with wood.

Dennis W. USA, 29.12.2019

It's like using the tip of a chainsaw. Be very careful, bucking and kick-back happens.

Scott USA, 14.12.2019

This blade would not clear my guard on my 4 1/2" angle grinder. So be prepared to deal with that. Blade removes large amounts of material and is fairly easy to control. Definitely recommend heavy leather gloves and some eye protection. This is not an extremely safe tool and one must use cautiously. It does catch sometime so be prepared. Also my grinder didn't care for sawdust, actually clogged up in base and locked switch and would not shut off. All and all i recommend this blade.

dennis a munson usa, 17.11.2019

Very aggressive, so practice before addressing main project.

Kevin H. USA, 18.09.2019

I've had the occasion to use the delayed a few times, and it cuts Marvelously. I'm also surprised and how straight a cut can be made carefully using an angle grinder with two hands.

Senatom USA, 18.06.2019

I needed to cut some long grooves along the inside roofline of my log cabin, to accept some new ceiling planks. I've used a chainsaw for this kind of thing before, but it's a real challenge to follow straight lines that way. Enter the angle grinder, fitted with my new GRAFF Speedcutter blade. At first I was trying to follow my lines by pushing the cutter ahead of me, and it was simply not happening; the tool was all over the place. But when I changed tactics and tried "pulling" the grinder along the line, that was the ticket. It cut VERY fast, but by keeping a good firm grip on the tool I was able to control it to my liking. (By "pulling" the grinder along, the cutting edge of the wheel is actually pulling "up" through the wood, and that's the secret to maintaining control.) Also, as shown, this blade can remove wood by sweeping the wheel from side to side, which a chain saw can't really do. This was perfect for me when I needed to widen my groove in a few places. Wear your eye protection, and some good gloves!

David Norman United States , 24.05.2019

Hogs out the wood that's for sure! Hold on tight and like one review said use it in strokes like petting a dog, start away and move towards you

jim in Ft. Worth USA, 14.03.2019

cuts without excessive vibration

Georgios Fronimos Castellina In Chianti, 07.09.2018

Excellent product! I bought both the 115mm and the 125mm blades, they are simply great! I'm very happy with the product and will buy it again. Customer service and shipping were impeccable! I definitely recommend the product and the company! Thank you!

Stojan Veles, Macedonia, 24.02.2018

Incredible, incredible ! Thanks for having this blade. Цудоўна!

Make N' Create Svendborg, 01.02.2018

Awesome product! Carves and cuts through wood like it was butter. Easy to get used to and feels quite safe to handle. I do recommend!

Sek Austria Tarlac City, Philippines, 21.11.2017

Graff Speed Cutter is really unique blade, it will cut fast and you can make some curves in the wood, in my experience it has no kick back that others do.

Ross Nanfito Red Bluff, 19.10.2017

Hello... I just wanted to say thank you for applying such a reasonable price for this speedcutter. I use many different angel grinder attachments and this price is very good, very reasonable! Good on ya! I've just ordered it. Thank you!

Stuart Perth, 13.10.2017

Awesome product,it carves wood like butter, I only wish I have more time to play with it however work is mental at the moment. I can see the potential of these disks. I would love to see them at my local bunnings as the current postage time is not insignificant

Peter Dowsett Luxembourg, 08.10.2017

I ordered this blade after seeing it on instructables.com. It arrived just 3 days later and it is clearly a quality blade. I have only used it a little so far but looking forward to using it much more

James Jacob Denver, 29.08.2017

I finally got my hands on the Graff Speedcutter and it works as demonstrated. With the proper control this blade can cut wood blocks into what ever unique shape you desire. I find that this simple angle grinder has changed the way I look at woodworking. A must have tool for anyone who desires to break the bounds of flat wood projects.

Mitch Peacock Eastbourne, 08.08.2017

Pleasure to try something new, and pleased to find it quick to get the hang of and very capable of fast, accurate carving

Kyle Morford Washington, D.C., 07.08.2017

After power carving with the Speedcutter, I was blown away! It eats through wood like butter. I have never been more impressed with a wood blade before! I would HIGHLY recommend this!

Tuomas Soikkeli Finland, 19.07.2017

Very good quality, suitable for cutting and carving. Interesting product, and actually works too.

Tim Sway, artist/maker, Tim Sway Perspectives, LLC Meriden CT, USA, 27.06.2017

The Graff Speed Cutter removes wood like nothing I have ever used. I can’t believe how fast it works compared to my other powercarving tools. It is by far the FIRST blade I will grab when I’m power carving from now on.

Jürgen Sabbe Eernegem, 16.06.2017

It is a good cutter wheel. sometimes a bit agressive, but ones you get the hang of it, it works pretty smooth. using it with 'feathertouch' makes nice smooth patterns and using it with 'heavy hands' makes it shop through woods like a knife trough butter. due to the rounded theeth you can make nice thin lines and using it on the side makes the carving less agressive and smoother wide curves can be made. so thanks for the blade.